Hey, I'm Chris Hurtt,
aka Heezy or Mr. 8BitHipHop.
I'm a graphic designer,
illustrator,and motion designer
based out of Oakland, CA.

Some Background:

I'm a graduate from SF State with a BS in Visual Communications. I work with artists & brands to create compelling visuals and thoughtful designs. I also run my own brand, 8BitHipHop (as seen below), in which the products have made a strong presence not only in the Bay Area, but across the globe. Throughout my freelancing, I've worked with many music artists, including Kanye West, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Cardi B. I have also designed for major brands like Atlantic Records, Harper's Bazaar, and Goldenvoice.

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Animated GIFs


Cover Artwork

Here's a sample of some graphic work I've done for artists, many within my 8BitHipHop style.


8BitHipHop Portraits

Here are some of my favorite/most popular 8BitHipHop portraits.
I've created 300+ Portraits featuring artists and memorabilia throughout Hip Hop.
Find out more on


Poster Design

Sample of work that was designed to be printed and hung up.


Promotional Material

A variety of projects that were designed as promotion for events, sales, tickets, etc.


General Animation & Video Production


Special Effects Production
Rexx Life Raj - Handheld GPS


Kinetic Type Project.
The purpose of this project was to show how
type can deliver a message without the use of any graphic elements. 
This can easily be used for lyrics to a song
or interesting background elements during a live show.


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