Single/Album/EP Artwork

Here's a sample of some graphic work I've done for artists within my 8BitHipHop style.


8BitHipHop Portraits

Here are some of my favorite/most popular 8BitHipHop portraits.
I've created a new artist portrait everyday for the past seven months.
My partner writes blog posts on each of the artists. Find out more on


Animation/Video Production


Kinetic Type Project.
The purpose of this project was to show how
type can deliver a message without the use of any graphic elements. 
This can easily be used for lyrics to a song
or interesting background elements during a live show.


Animation of the famous Madvillainy cover.

This was a 15 second clip created mainly for Instagram.
I like for these clips to tell a short story and loop back
to the beginning seamlessly. Can easily be reworked
for a stage performance or social media content.


Here's a short video I recorded and edited from a show
that Andre Power of Soulection put on.
This is just one example of how a performance can be recorded
and shared with the masses.  It's all about storytelling.


Event Photography

When I'm not designing, I'm out shooting for artists.
This small sample of photos were all taken within the past year.
From San Francisco to Los Angeles to New York City.


Traditional Artwork

Although I don't do much traditional artwork anymore, its still a reliable tool within my arsenal.
My favorite subject matter is portraits but I really sketch anything inspiring at the time.